Summer Educational Programs

for High School Student and Middle School Students

Summer Educational Programs and Camps Directory


Student Education Programs (SEP) is a directory of summer programs for high school students and middle school students


Summer educational programs and camps can provide beneficial opportunities for students. Depending on the program, students may have the chance to explore topics of interests, examine career options, engage in hands-on learning activities, collaborate with peers, work with experienced staff members, gain exposure to life on a college campus, develop new skills, and/or participate in other productive endeavors.


There are different types of summer programs and camps with varying areas of emphasis. For example, there are programs that focus on areas such as art, business, computers, drama, math, music, science, college test preparation, and writing. As a result, students are encouraged to carefully research programs in order to determine which ones would appropriately align with their goals and interests. It also recommended that students examine the location, admission requirements, supervision, costs and other factors of importance for any summer program of interest.


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To view frequently asked questions about summer programs and camps, please visit the FAQ page. Please note that the frequently asked questions page only provides general information and that it is important for students to carefully examine each summer program that they may be considering.


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10 Items to Consider for Summer Programs and Camps


  • The area (or areas) of emphasis of the summer program
    • Does the program have a specific focus (examples: engineering, business, computers) or does the program emphasize a broad range of topics?

  • The supervision and safety measures provided by the summer program.
    • What provisions are made to ensure that there is effective supervision and safety for participants?
    • Who is responsible for providing the supervision for the participants?
    • What is the student-to-staff ratio?

  • The application process and the due dates.
    • What application materials are required to participate in the program?
    • Is the program competitive with regards to admission?
    • What are the due dates for the application materials?

  • The length of the program.
    • How long is the summer program?
    • Does the length of the program impact other plans or activities that a student would like to have in the summer?
    • When during the summer is the program offered?

  • The location of the program.
    • How far from home is the program’s location?
    • What are the accommodations for participants?
    • Are commuter options available?

  • The amount of time that the program has been operating.
    • When was the program established?
    • How many consecutive years has the program been conducted?
    • Is the sponsoring organization accredited?

  • The daily structure of the program.
    • What is a typical day for a participating student?
    • Does the program emphasize structure, choice, or a combination?
    • Do the activities correspond with the interests and objectives of a student?

  • The cancellation policy.
    • What is the policy if a circumstance occurs in which a participant cannot attend the program after the registration process?
    • What is the policy if a participant would need to leave prior to the end of the program?

  • The cost of the program.
    • What is the cost to participate in the program?
    • Are there scholarships or financial aid available for students?
    • When are fees due?

  • Obtaining information from staff members and past participants.
    • What staff members are available to answer questions and talk about the program?
    • Are there previous participants or family members of previous participants to speak with about the program







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