Summer Programs for High School Students

Information about High School Summer Programs

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Summer programs for high school students provide the opportunity to extend learning beyond the standard school year. These programs allow high school students to develop new skills, learn about potential career fields, and gain experiences to help with the transition to college.

Through summer programs, high school students can also explore topics of interest and learn more about a variety of subject areas. For example, there are programs that focus on the arts, entrepreneurship, computers and technology, engineering, mathematics, music, science, theatre, and many other subjects.

There are a number of factors that can be considered when choosing a high school summer program. High school students can consider a program’s length, area of focus, balance of academics and social activities, preparation for college, faculty and staff, hands-on learning experiences, and location. It is important for high school students to choose a summer program that will be a good fit. Students can use this page of the directory to identify high school summer program opportunities and explore those that are of interest.

Overall, summer programs for high school students allow for the continuation of learning during the summer months. Note: this page is for informational purposes only and it is subject to change. This site is not the official website of any summer program.

Directory of Summer Programs for High School Students

High School Summer Programs




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