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South Carolina Summer Programs for High School Students and Middle School Students

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for High School Students and Middle School Students

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South Carolina Summer Pre-College Program Descriptions

Program: Clemson Summer Scholars Program for High School Students and Middle School Students: Clemson, South Carolina
Description: Summer Scholars balances educational, recreational and cultural activities to enrich the learning experience of rising 7-12th graders. Scholars experience a taste of life as a Clemson University student and spend a week studying specialized subjects.

Subjects include: Academy of Science and Intercultural Communication; Audio Engineering and Music Production; Automotive Engineering – In Partnership with Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR); Beyond ER and Biology; Bioengineering: Building a Better You; Civil Engineering; DNA Science; Entrepreneurship and Professional Communication; Explorations in the Design of the Built Environment; Forensic Detectives; Functional Ceramic Design w/ Digital Decals; Genetic Horizons; Materials Engineering Through the Electron Microscope; Memes, Mobs, and Marketing; Molecular Biology; Multi Media Journalism; Physical Computing; Physics and Astronomy; Vet Camp; Writing for College Admissions Workshop

*Note: Not all programs are for each age group, please visit our website for specific information.

Participants: Rising 7th – 12th graders.
Program website: Clemson Summer Scholars Program

Program: Coastal Carolina University Summer Arts Academy for High School Students and Middle School Students: Conway, South Carolina
Description: Coastal Carolina University offers summer programs in the arts. Students have the opportunity participate in hands-on activities and explore fine arts, visual arts, performing arts, and music. Participants also have a chance to work with faculty, certified teachers and professional performers and artists. The programs are designed for students learn to improve their own artistic skills in an enjoyable environment.
Participants: High school students and middle school students.
Program website: Coastal Carolina Summer Arts Programs
Program: Furman University Summer Scholars Program for Rising High School Juniors and Seniors Greenville, South Carolina
Description: Furman University offers a summer program for motivated high school students. Students have a chance to work collaboratively with their peers as well as faculty members at the university. Students explore high interest topics and get a feel for college life.
Participants: Rising high school juniors and seniors.
Program website: Furman Summer Scholars Program
Program: South Carolina SAT and ACT Summer Test Prep Program for High School Students: Columbia, South Carolina
Description: South Carolina’s renowned University Test Prep program will offer an intensive and exciting SAT/ACT test prep program at USC Columbia Campus in Columbia, SC. Students will have the opportunity to sharpen their test skills. Whether you are preparing for the SAT or the ACT, University Test Prep’s SAT/ACT Summer Institute offers comprehensive preparation for both tests. The SAT/ACT Institute is an intensive test prep program. Our blended learning Test Prep program offers intensive classroom training followed by periodic online review sessions. The courses are designed for students in the rising 9th-12th grades.
Participants: Rising 9th – 12th grade high school students.
Program website: South Carolina Test Prep Summer Institute
Program: University of South Carolina Summer Programs for High School and Middle School Students: South Carolina Campuses
Description: The University of South Carolina offers summer programs and camps for students. The summer programs are designed to provide students with the opportunity to explore interesting topics, learn during the summer, and get a taste of college life. Summer programs include: Adventure Series Summer Program, Duke TIP at South Carolina University, and SAT and ACT Prep Programs.
Participants: High school Students and middle school students.
Program website: South Carolina Summer Programs
Program: Wofford College Shared Worlds Summer Creative Writing Program for Teenagers: Spartanburg, South Carolina
Description: Shared Worlds is a creative writing summer camp based on a "shared world" theme. The camp enables students explore trends in fiction and to improve their writing skills. The camp is designed to cultivate creativity and to help students develop learn about and develop the world of fiction. Students also have the opportunity to share their own writing and to learn from the writing of others.
Participants: Teenagers.
Program website: Wofford Shared Worlds Summer Program




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